I am using traditional tools which my ethnic group has used for many generations. Most tools are handmade from wood.

Ms. Phonsai

Blend of New & Old

Urban Cotton is dedicated to protecting Lao handicraft skills by incorporating traditional art into contemporary style. We rely on modern market trends to influence our work with artisans, allowing them to continue using familiar techniques to produce items with sustainable appeal.

Traditional Techniques

The artisans use traditional techniques, known to their local communities for centuries. Spinning, dying, weaving, and embroidery are some of the steps in the process of turning raw materials into unique products. We mainly use natural dyes for giving characteristic colors to the cotton. 

100% Cotton

Most of our textile products are made out of 100% cotton. Cotton is locally grown and processed by villagers in several provinces of Laos. Urban Cotton likes to use natural materials that are produced in a responsible and sustainable way. We hope that you will enjoy our beautiful cotton home decor as much as we do!

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