Urban Cotton


We believe that safe work leads to safe families, and safe families to safe villages.

Viengvisouk Dalakone

A Social Enterprise

Urban Cotton is a social enterprise founded in Vientiane, Laos, in 2019. Our goal is to sell high quality home decor and at the same time create safe work for our artisans. By purchasing and decorating your home with products from Urban Cotton you will also contribute to the lives of the villagers and artisans of Laos. A true win-win situation!

A Voice in Our Society

From Vientiane Capital to the remote provinces of Laos, we are committed to being Lao owned and operated. Each of our makers share a voice in his or her personal development and the development of this businessWe believe these voices are critical to understanding one another’s individual needs, as well as the needs of our communities.

Safe Empowerment

Urban Cotton believes that safe work leads to safe families, and safe families lead to safe villages. We focus on creating opportunities for safe jobs so that we can also see safe families and safe villages emerge from the workplace.

Top 2000x1500

Viengvisouk Dalakone

Founder of Urban Cotton

Viengvisouk (Pui) is always full of new ideas and a true entrepeneur. Together with the artisans she creates new designs and patterns. Her heart beats for community development and helping people in vulnerable situations.

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